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Baby FuzZ’s timeline might work a little differently than yours. Welcome to the Future (Season 1) episodically wedges itself between worlds, creating an experience that may weave between expressions, but never an ethos. As the songwriting playground for producer Brandon Lowry, this project borrows heavily from glam rock’s persona-building playbook, indie rock’s winking attitude, and an environmentally conscious vegan mindset that spelled doomsday in the months leading up to and during this ongoing pandemic.

“Because of the stupid persona, I can approach dark subjects like death or global annihilation or depression in comedic form or without coming off as didactic. It's the idea and ethos of hyperpop, but sonically a bit more in the classic glam rock or indie rock department (or whatever genre I happen to be dabbling in at the time),” Lowry explains. 
On this full-length, Baby FuzZ transforms a list of deadly diseases twice, first into a folk punk stomp, and then into its own dance routine and punk rock surprise ending on “We’re All Gonna Die!!!”. Lowry’s persona namedrops an iPhone-wielding Patti Smith on glammy highlight “Before Our Time,” shoves Brian May guitar heroics through “I’m Trying My Freakin Best,” a song transported from the inside of a sad can of Bush’s Baked Beans, and has time to shroud McDonalds and Elon Musk in romantic fog on closer “Acid Night.” All of these shoehornings should be taken with a large grain of salt, especially when considering Baby FuzZ’s Mother Earth-first mentality. “The present is all that matters, but it's always second fiddle,” Lowry continues. “I guess what I was trying to do with this album was shake people and say ‘wake up!’ or maybe better yet, shake myself out of some helpless malaise and try to make a difference in the world around me.” Baby FuzZ is welcoming you to the future...before it’s too late.

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