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CONSTANT SPRINGTIME, the full-length debut of Washington D.C.’s Magazine Beach, was written over two years in an attempt to make an album that’s intentional, emotive, and radically different from our previous endeavors. During this time, they deliberately wrote only the 11 songs that are on the album. Through extensive writing sessions individually and collectively, they distilled their favorite emo, hardcore, folk, and power pop tropes into a work that examines the concept of “The Album” as a medium. The songs on Constant Springtime are heavily referential – to each other and to the music, media, and experiences that inspired them during the process. This album is equal parts personal narrative and stylistic exercise: it is an unfiltered glimpse into who they are as a band.

Magazine Beach are about creating art that is unfamiliar and lived-in all at once, finding a home in the space between happiness and the inevitable, and putting every ounce of themselves into their projects.

Constant Springtime is out April 21st.

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