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This album tells a story. On your journey, you’re going to meet a family with a secret, a few spirits that are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure it stays one, and a few allies in the trees that are offering a way out. Our tale begins here, in an unsuspecting college professor’s office – with an old book.

Sarah and the Safe Word’s newest LP entitled “The Book Of Broken Glass” is an existential journey of 13 songs that weave in and out of their signature cabaret-punk mixed with rock arrangements, folky undertones and sometimes even and late 90’s early 2000’s nu-metal vibe! This album merges all these styles into one cohesive unit that feels somehow familiar yet wholly unique.

Songs like “Ruby Off The Rails” and “Old Lace” are non-stop driving songs that keep toes tapping and mouths singing along. While “Sky On Fire” and “Broken Crowns, Forgotten Pageants” keep things deathly and darkly serious in true Sarah And The Safe Word fashion. Album closer “X”, is a tear jerking piano ballad that is poised to make the sturdiest knees shake a bit.

The Book Of Broken Glass is out now via Take This To Heart Records

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