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Take This To Heart Records is distributed through ADA

• Contact •

General: takethistoheartrecords@gmail.com
Press: joe@takethistoheartrecords.com
Mail Order: tragicherocatie@gmail.com
Licensing & Everything Else: joe@takethistoheartrecords.com

• Shipping •

• We ship items about 3 times a week. Please be patient with us during these times.

• If you purchase a pre-order item with a current item. Please know that all items will ship when the pre-order does. If you want the current item faster, please place two orders

• All shipping questions including change of address, cancellation, vinyl issues, wrong addresses, download code doesn’t work, etc. email tragicheroautumn@gmail.com

• FAQ •

Wanna be an intern? Live in the Cleveland area? Email: tragicherosara@gmail.com

If you want us to sign your band, please send your best two songs, tour dates, bio to takethistoheartrecords@gmail.com

Want to review our bands or get put on our press list? Email: joe@takethistoheartrecords.com

• Label Press •

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